Walk-In Tubs – Your Spa At Home

For many years the only way to get the benefits of a full spa treatment was to make an appointment then drive 30-45 minutes there and finally pay for the service.

This all sounds like a lot of trouble to go through to obtain that equilibrium of a stress and pain-free well-being.

Surely there is an easier way? Well with today’s walk-in tubs, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Today’s modern walk-in tubs feature all the main elements you would receive during a comprehensive spa treatment with the added benefit of being in the comfort of your own home.

Walk-in Tub’s Safety Features

Most walk-in tubs include a variety of standard and extra features to make your bathing experience as good and easy as a day in the spa.

The majority of walk-in tubs will feature a low step-in height, anti-slip floor & seat, grab & support bar, easy-to-reach controls, hand-held shower wand, and bacteria & mold resistance.

Some tubs have an ozone-cleaning system that helps to destroy disease-causing bacteria and acts as an auto-cleaning system for the tub.

Walk-in tubs are safe for the entire family to enjoy.

Walk-in tubs offer an array of health benefits and put you in a relaxed stress-free state of mind.

With all of these features and more, it’s basically a day at the spa every time you step into your bathroom.


Aromatherapy has been used for many centuries around the world and is considered a form of alternative medicine.

It includes the use of essential oils and other aromatic compounds, for the purpose of altering one’s mood or physical well-being.

Each essential oil can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin with the help of a warm bath.

Depending on the oil used the result on the body is calming and stimulating all done from the comfort of your tub.

This added convenience of being able to do this in the comfort of your own bathroom achieving the same outcome and state of well-being you would receive from spa treatments.

A walk-in tub allows the customer to choose the type and amount of aromatic oils they want to use for their spa experience.


Hydrotherapy is used in the world of walk-in tubs as a natural form of water pressure therapy, incorporating the latest water jetting technology to target specific areas of the body.

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest and safest methods known for treating various medical ailments.

Arthritis and joint discomfort improve greatly with a warm deep hydrotherapy bath.

The hydrotherapy jets transform a plain soaking walk-in tub into an efficient therapeutic spa.

Most tubs will come equipped with some form of spa jetting system and offer a dual system of both air and water jets.

Custom configuration is possible in some cases customers can even choose the number of air and water jets tailoring their spa experience.

The air jets guarantee the body receives attention where it is most needed using light touch massage and gentle bubbles to calm down the nervous system, reduce stress, detoxify the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation.

Strategically placed Water jets offer a jacuzzi-style spa experience, providing a more vigorous and focused massage to hit specific areas such as the lower back, arms, hips, legs, and feet.

It is even possible to have both jetting systems running simultaneously to soothe tired and sore muscles with softer or harder massage jets.

Hot water Hydrotherapy is offered here as a true home spa experience you can enjoy over and over.


Chromotherapy more commonly known as color therapy has been incorporated into the modern walk-in tub system.

This feature makes use of the visible spectrum of light for electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases, visual colors combined with a light source provide the necessary healing energies required by the body physically and mentally. Different colors are known to have different effects:

  • Pink: Removes impurities in the bloodstream.
  • Strong pink: Strengthens the veins & arteries.
  • Orange: Improves energy.
  • Violet: Heal infections and inflammations.
  • Indigo: Purifies the circulatory system.
  • Green: provides energy for body cleanliness while relaxing nerves.
  • Strong green: Antiseptic against micro-organisms.
  • Yellow: Improves skin quality.
  • Strong Yellow: lubricates joints and connective tissue.
  • Blue: Regenerates muscle cells, skin, and nerves.
  • Strong blue: Lubricates joints and connective tissue.
  • Red: Assist overall circulation & nervous systems.

Today’s modern-day walk-in tubs offer you all the advantages and benefits of a spa treatment with the convenience of you never have to leave the home. You can now have the spa at home you always dreamt of.…

What Exactly is a Bariatric Walk-In Tub?

Obesity has become a primary medical condition facing our society today.  There are many different forms of bariatric equipment available such as chairs, lifts, beds, and scooters. But one of the latest concepts is a bariatric walk-in tub.

One of the main concerns for people with this condition is the increased effort they require for mobility and general daily independence.

With obesity levels rising, the needs of heavier patients need to be addressed.

Walk-in bathtubs are a relatively new concept. They offer people the ability to bathe unassisted without having to worry about falling or slipping when getting in or out of the tub.

Bariatric Walk-in Tub Design

The bariatric walk-in tub is ultimately designed to accommodate larger people and those with disabilities.

Most of the tubs created today are regular-sized bathtubs made for people weighing less than 300 lbs.

Bariatric walk-in tubs can handle people weighing up to 600 lbs.

They have built-in non-slip floors to avoid slipping and a low-step entry for easy and safe access.

Bariatric Walk-In Tub Features

Bariatric walk-in tubs feature a booster seat approximately 17 inches above the tub floor. This allows for comfortable bathing, improved spinal support, and easier standing.

A hand-held shower head makes it easier for larger or mobility-impaired people to reach all parts of their bodies.

Walk-in tubs have safety grab bars to help improve balance when entering or exiting.

Walk-in tub doors are able to open either from the left or the right to accommodate an already existing bathroom and they fit into the existing spaces of most regular bathtubs.

Special Sizes

The widest bariatric tubs can be as wide as 42″ and have a 26″ wide door opening.

These larger models are designed to accommodate a person weighing up to 600 lbs.

Standard walk-in tub models are around 30″ wide with a height of about 40″.

Average lengths are around 50 to 55″ but extra-long tubs can measure up to 67″.

Space-saving models can be as short as 38″.

Factors To Consider

  • Walk-in tubs can deliver a permanent spa-like experience to your home.
  • Many walk-in tubs come with whirlpool functionality and can include over 10 adjustable water jets.
  • You also have the option of fitting a water heater and air jet channels so you can enjoy a soothing massage.
  • Certain models have adjustable seats and sanitation systems.
  • Certain brands come standard with these features, while others may have them as optional extras.

What Will a Walk-in Tub Cost Me?

The price of a bariatric walk-in tub will vary because of the different sizes and optional extras available, such as air and water jets.

You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $12,000 for a walk-in tub.

The cheapest option would be a soaker tub and on average the most expensive is the dual combo massage tub.

Bariatric walk-in tubs are available online and from medical supply stores.…

Senior Bathing – The Benefits of Buying a Walk-in Tub

Are you planning on remodeling your bathroom so that it can fit your specific needs? If so, have you considered the many advantages of purchasing a walk-in tub yet?

With over 10 million Americans every year suffering from painful falls due to slipping in the tub or shower, it’s no wonder walk-in tubs have become so popular with seniors and those living with disabilities and limited mobility. In addition to providing amazing safety and stability features for entering and exiting the bathtub area, walk-in baths also offer unassisted bathing with many great features that make bathing easier, safer, more enjoyable, and more luxurious than ever before. From air bubbles for soothing relaxation to extended soaking periods for relieving sore muscles, these specially designed tubs are being chosen by homeowners everywhere as a secure way to bathe comfortably, and most importantly – unassisted, in their own homes.

These jetted bathtubs provide a number of health benefits that can greatly improve your quality of life. However, walk-in tubs are about much more than luxury and comfort with a safe and accessible design. The air and/or water jets of these tubs have been proven to help ease the symptoms of arthritis, back problems, circulatory diseases, diabetes, muscle cramps, osteoarthritis, weakness, and various injuries.

Adjustable Jets for Hydro Massage

The adjustable back jets and hydro massage system of our walk-in bathtubs help to ease back pain and increase flexibility in your major muscles. The air massage system provides the therapy of thousands of tiny massages all over your body with the perfect preheated temperature to gently ease pain from your feet to your neck. In addition to the benefits of relaxation and pain relief, the movements also ease inflammation while boosting blood circulation and strengthening your immune system. Hydrostatic Pressure The combination of massaging action, weightlessness, and whirlpool jets helps to loosen tight muscles and ease pain all over your body by releasing endorphins.

Safe Bathing With Low Entry

Low entryway to accommodate bathers with knee and hip problems Large grip bar for added safety Moveable showerhead can be used in the tub or like a traditional shower Oversized handle with ergonomic design is easy to grip Slip resistant floor helps prevent accidents Thermostatic mixing valve Watertight door opens and closes easily.

Walk-in Bathtub’s Unassisted Bathing Options

Most people take an unassisted, private bathing experience for granted. For those with limited mobility, however, it is something that has become a luxury, or even an impossibility. Seniors can especially appreciate the act of an independent bathing experience, but with standard bathtubs, this is unfortunately not possible for many. The bathroom has become a place of peril, and some choose to avoid it with the thought of slippery surfaces and unsteady feet not boding well at all.

Statistics indicate that 33% of people over the age of 65 falls in the bathtub each year, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ), “Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries”.

In correlation with this, recent surveys done by the American Association of Retired Persons ( AARP ) concluded that, if you fall and sustain a serious injury, there is a 66% chance of recurring falls and injury.

Falling on a slippery surface is extremely dangerous ( especially for the elderly ) and runs the risk of:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fractured or broken bones

Non-slip surfaces, safety grab bars, and low thresholds are only some of the modern bariatric features which set a walk-in tub apart. These features are specifically designed to help eliminate your chances of having a bathroom blunder.

Bathroom safety is the top priority for some and this is arguably the #1 reason why so many homes now have a walk-in tub.…

West Ave River Oaks Walk In Tubs And Baths

At West Ave River Oaks Walk In Tubs And Baths we want to be the nations best walk in tub company. Why should you even consider a walk in tub ? Imagine the feeling of suddenly being able to take a hot bath without assistance. That is exactly what many people are experiencing as they grow older and lose their mobility, which has robbed them not only of one simple pleasure but life’s great blessing too!
The traditional method for bathing requires some balance skills; however this isn’t always possible when we become unable (or unwilling)to get around on our own terms anymore.…